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  • Basic Genealogy Information For Children
  • Bring to Life Those Dead Ends in your Genealogy Research
  • Create a Timeline for your Family history
  • Creating A Family History Has Practical Uses Too
  • Creating A Family Tree
  • Eight Important How to Tips in Searching Census Records
  • Eight Ways to Avoid Barking Up the Wrong Family Tree
  • Ellis Island Records Are Valuable Keys To The Past
  • Fact or Fiction How to Know When You Have a True Lead
  • Five Important Things You Can Learn from Researching Death Records
  • Four Tips for Writing Genealogical Inquiries
  • Genealogy Search
  • Give the Gift of Genealogy Five Gifts that Reflect the Family Tree
  • How Computer Software Can Streamline Your Genealogy Research
  • How Your Local Library Can Provide Clues to Your Ancestry
  • How to Follow up Leads for Possible Native American Ancestors
  • Jumping Into Genealogy
  • Researching Native American History
  • Scrapbooks Are Great Genealogy Tools
  • Searching Foreign Countries For Genealogical Information
  • The Great Genealogical Need
  • Tracing Genealogy through Church Records
  • Using Public Records For Genealogical Research
  • Using The Internet For Genealogical Research
  • What To Include In A Family History
  • What is a Coat of Arms?

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    WinGenea Download
    WinGenea allows you to store, display, and print family trees containing up to 32,000 individuals. WinGenea displays these individuals' relationships as a standard dropline chart, enabling you to draw three different versions of the chart for each data file and easily switch between them.
    Wintree Download
    Wintree creates and prints family tree charts from GEDCOM data.The program produces two "full" chart styles (box charts and larger charts of 1,000 or more families) showing all blood relatives. It also offers single-page eight generation "birth brief" charts, and "selective ancestor" charts that trace descent in drop line format, 13 generations per page.
    GenoPro Download
    GenoPro is intuitively easy to learn, simple to use, yet capable to handle the most complex genealogy tree. GenoPro is for visualizing, editing and printing large genealogy trees. GenoPro allows you to distribute your genealogy tree on the Internet and supports scanned photos for everyone.
    Kith and Kin Pro Download
    Kith and Kin Pro's graphical interface and powerful data management tools make it ideal for large or small family trees. Each family tree is stored in a relational database with a capacity of over 2,000 million records, and you can have as many databases as you like.
    RootsView Download
    RootsView is a GEDCOM file viewer and a Web page generator that lets you view your genealogy data and share it with others. RootsView transforms your geneology data into a hyperlinked document with graphics and personal photos ready to publish on the Internet or in a form easy to share with your family.
    Tree Draw Download
    Tree Draw is a graphics editor for creating high-quality genealogical drop-line charts. Import descendant and ancestral trees from Kith and Kin files or PAF GEDCOM files created by other genealogy programs. TreeDraw converts these trees into easily edited chart elements which can then be re-formatted and re-arranged before storing and printing. By importing a combination of descendant and ancestral trees from one or more tree files, it is possible to build complex charts which can extend in any direction.
    Personal Ancestral File 4.0 Download
    Personal Ancestral File 4.0 is a new Windows® based version of one of the most widely-used genealogical management programs for home computers. PAF 4.0 helps users organize their family history records. It can produce, in automated or manual form, records for personal family histories or charts and logs to help users in their search for missing ancestors.
    Cumberland Family Tree Download
    Cumberland Family Tree is a powerful second generation genealogy program - many features, multi-lingual, easy-to-use! Automatically links names as they are added to the database. Include 250 events per person, multiple marriages, scanned photos and documents, sources, stories and more... Print 31 different reports. Even create your very own indexed family history book!
    Family Matters Download
    Family Matters does pictures, and supports a many-to-many relationship between persons and pictures. For you the user, this means that persons can be linked to as many pictures as you like, and that each picture can be linked to as many persons as you like. (Yes, unlimited is the right word here.) There is a corresponding Picture Report, and you'll have lots of control of the report presentation and picture size.
    Family Origins Download
    Family Origins is a genealogy application which allows you to simultaneously open up to nine databases. You can easily track multiple relationships, such as adoptions and foster parents, and use the integrated backup and restore functions to safeguard your data.
    GenDesigner Download
    GenDesigner is an easy-to-use application for creating, editing, and distributing family trees. You may include additional text and pictures for each person as well as distribute your genealogical tree on the Internet. A family tree example comes with the application.

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